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CL-103 STANDARD ALARM, (£29.95)

A simple push button keyring transmitter / alarm and the teddy bear chirps, alerting you to your child's whereabouts. Available in either pink or brown. CL103 Pink Bear Child Locator

Pink or Brown
Single pack
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CL-305 ADVANCED ALARM (£39.95)

Advanced child locator. Automatically triggers when a child is more than 30 feet/10 metres from CL103 Blue Bear Child Locatoryou keeping your kids even safer.

Single pack
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Mommy I'm Here

Child Locators help increase the freedom & safety of your children. Buying a fun and friendly Mommy I'm Here Bear helps you keep an eye on your child.

If they wander away you will hear an audible alarm which lets you know where they are right away!

CL-103 Twin Pack £55.96

CL103 Double Pack Child Locator Save money by buying the CL103 TWIN PACK!
Lower price!

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Protective Bear Coat
Mommy I'm Here CL606

Custom Bear Coats Add style & protection to your child locator. Fun, easy to install, soft but sturdy.

White or green
Single pack
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Rip Cord Alarms
Q AlarmPK

A personal panic alarm, easy to use protection device. RipCord Personal Attack Alarm Simply attach this small alarm to your purse, keyring, belt or just keep in your pocket. Can also be used by a child if they become lost.
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Tick Mommy I'm Here is a unique, fun themed wireless child locator system. An ideal way to keep track of your child in any location such as shopping centres, playgrounds, airports, theme parks or sporting arenas.
» Learn more about the benefits of Child Locators
Tick Child Trackers: If you often find yourself worried for your child's security in public venues, or simply want to keep track of his or her location, these 2 way child locators are the answer. Simply attach to your child's belt, shoe or clothing, "pair up" with your transmitter & you're ready to go - literally!

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